Security is paramount to the finance sector. Staff and asset protection is critical in this environment and you need to have confidence in your chosen solution. Security & Technology Services use only the highest grade enterprise products and as such you can rest assured that systems we install are the best of breed and engineered for absolute reliability.

Some of the available features:

  • Full Integration of Alarms, access control and CCTV and third party systems
  • Lockdown and warning systems including email and SMS messaging
  • Asset Tagging for Asset tracking
  • Customised designs to suit individual requirements.
  • Visitor Management Systems


Information is everything in the transport sector, how many vehicles are on the road? Has a truck lost its load? Is it foggy? What speed is the traffic moving? Has an accident occurred? Any of these scenarios can have a dramatic impact on traffic flows and early warning of an event is critical. Security & Technology Services have been working with critical infrastructure since our company was formed with experience in providing CCTV vision of highways, tunnels and intersections.

Some available features:

  • Advanced Analytics for automatic detection of issues
  • Automated response to advanced analytics
  • Integration of third party products for a single solution
  • Massive video walls for displaying information


It doesn’t get more crucial than this, submarines, F35 strike fighters, Tiger attack helicopters and Abraham Tanks are some of the assets protected by Security & Technology Services via Type 1A systems we provide to the Department of Defence and approved contractors. We are specialists in this field and are certified to undertake these installations. We understand the challenging requirements of this sector and all systems are supplied and installed to the current standards.

Some available Features:

  • Our own approved Defence Monitoring Network
  • Access to the latest Type 1A systems
  • Complete End to End Solutions
  • All staff cleared to the required level


Government facilities can throw up many individual challenges. With extensive experience in this critical sector, Security & Technology Services can deliver the solution for your specific application. We have undertaken large and complex installations for Immigration detention facilities, Border Protection in both air and sea ports, Federal Police asset and facility protection, Foreign Affairs and Trade embassies and accommodation, plus a few others that we can't discuss for security reasons.

Some available features:

  • Fully scalable systems from small sites to the largest of enterprise systems
  • Full integration of alarms, access control, CCTV and intercoms
  • Visitor Management systems
  • Photo Identification Systems
  • OHS Compliance enforcement
  • Electronic Key Management

Public Safety

In these days of terror events, drug and alcohol induced incidents and just plain old antisocial behaviour it is becoming increasingly important for councils and governments to provide safety infrastructure for their citizens. Increasingly CCTV and other advanced technologies are becoming prevalent in protecting our rights. Taking this to the next level means that technology can make our cities smarter and safer places to be and Security & Technology Services is at the forefront of these developments. We understand the detail behind these platforms and have the experience to design and manage the networks required to run them. Let us take your public space systems to the next level with you.

Some available features:

  • Large CCTV Systems consisting of thousands of cameras
  • Automatic Facial Recognition of offenders
  • Automatic Licence plate recognition
  • Video Walls for displaying information


Patient care and entertainment, staff safety, nurse call and infant protection are all features of a modern healthcare facility and the systems provided by Security & Technology Services are designed to deliver all of these elements and more. We have experience in hospitals, clinics and aged care facilities and can assist with integrating systems into a complete package for any application.

Some available features:

  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Photo Identification Systems
  • OHS/Competency Enforcement
  • Full integration of multiple Systems


In a world with a growing demand for safety in public places and increased luxury behind closed doors, Security & Technology Services are leading the way. Automating systems allow you to focus on your clients and enhance the experience for everyone attending the event. Ask us how we can help you become a leader in customer service in your industry.

Some available features:

  • Automatic detection of guests mobile phones as the enter allowing your receptionist, concierge or Matre De to provide a personilsed greeting.
  • Crowd scanning recognizing faces and persons of interest.
  • Seeking out banned items of behaviour patterns
  • Use your smart phone as a key to your hotel room, book a massage, open the blinds and turn on the music from a single app.


From prisons to police holding cells it is critical for the safety of all concerned that the electronic security measures are operational at all times. Systems with high levels of redundancy and integrity are paramount to the operation of these facilities. Encompassing a wide range of technologies, solutions can be designed to suit these most demanding environments. Security & Technology Services have extensive experience in these systems and can support your site 24/7.

Some available features:

  • Complete CCTV coverage
  • Custodial Intercom Systems
  • Custodial Duress Systems
  • Electronic Key Management
  • Drone Detection
  • Body Worn Cameras


Places of learning at all levels need to secure their facilities and monitor on site activities through traditional technologies such as access control and CCTV but did you know that these systems can be expanded to monitor the number of people in each classroom, exam fraud, student attendance rates and much more. Security & Technology Services can offer advice on implementing these advanced technologies into your facility.

Some available features:

  • People counting to examine room utilisation
  • Automatic facial Recognition to prevent exam fraud
  • Student Smart cards for credit management
  • Integration to HR systems to reduce data entry
  • Multi campus systems
  • Lockdown and warning systems including email and SMS messaging
  • Asset Tagging for Asset tracking


We are all concerned about the security of our business, staff and our assets, and protecting your business is critical. You can trust Security & Technology Services to design, install and maintain systems to protect your commercial premises. We can even add some bling to your office or board room.

Some available Features:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Automated systems for lighting
  • Automated Video projection
  • Distributed Audio and High Definition Video


Regardless of the product being recovered, the mining and oil and gas sectors are tough environments. Often dirty and dusty, wet and corrosive and remote, these hostile places demand the best. The best in product reliability, the best in installation standards, the best in intrinsic safety and the best in occupational health and safety disciplines. Our systems exceed these demanding standards and offer many useful features.

Some available features:

  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Workflow Management
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Random search ability
  • Visitor Management systems
  • OHS Compliance enforcement
  • Challenged access control for visual confirmation at remote gates

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