Security & Technology Services

Security and Technology Services can provide the ultimate quality system and installation, whether your requirements are small, or a large networked solution.

Our system designs are “state of the art”. Utilising the latest technology network solutions, we can easily integrate intruder alarms, access control systems, CCTV systems and intercom systems into a single platform. It is important to note that our designs utilise non-proprietary equipment which is available to other accredited companies within the industry, the resulting systems are open architecture and serviceable by others in the unlikely event that our clients are not satisfied with the performance of Security & Technology Services.

The people at Security & Technology Services are well respected throughout the Industry. Our focus is on providing our clients with a high level solution that provides superior operational performance, and then support it over the operational life of the system. A high level of technical expertise in these areas ensures that systems are customised to suit individual requirements to the highest standard. Our project team is highly experienced and has demonstrated the capability to complete large projects on time and within budget.

Access Control

Access Control systems provide a level of security control and accountability of your entire facility’s operation. From software solutions with integrated video to hardware, card readers, biometric readers and keypad devices, whether small, mid-sized or global enterprise, we can design and install powerful, reliable, and easy to use systems for a cohesive network solution.


The right Access Control products can provide the ability to integrate with data networks, other systems and existing equipment thus providing overall cost savings and minimal disruptions on site.

Furthermore, technology advances in alarm verification and diagnostic functions ensure that false alarms are diminished which can potentially reduce your manpower (guard) requirements.

These Solutions can provide

  • Single platform for managing access control across multiple sites
  • Scalability for growing organizations and multiple sites
  • Use of existing IT infrastructure to host the security system
  • Immediate notification of alarms raised, optional text/email alerts
  • Real-time audit trail enables access decisions and requirements to be quickly adjusted and implemented
  • Automatic access decision and tracking of who can go where and when on site
  • Automatic execution and enforcement of business policy
  • Immediate notification of alarms raised, optional text/email alerts
  • Automatic enforcement of business policy through integration of compliance information with access control decisions
  • Inductions, licenses, qualifications and training of personnel can be monitored within the access system
  • High degree of control and certainty of personnel locations on site minimizes the risk of accidents, site shutdowns, and corporate liability

Intruder Detection

The Security of the people we care about and our property is the major concern for many of us. Intruder Alarm Systems assist in protecting what is important to us. Homes and business with no intruder alarms are three times more likely to be broken into than those with intruder alarms.  With the use of quality detection devices such as Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors to detect movement, glass break detectors to detect windows being smashed, a high quality alarm panel to which the detectors are connected and off-site alarm monitoring, the protection of your property couldn’t be simpler. A security system should be tailored to the premises to be protected and the users of those premises. Many options exist to allow for the security system to fit around you rather than the other way around. Today’s Intruder Alarm Systems can actually enhance your lifestyle with integrated automation systems which can control many aspects of your premises. We can tailor an intruder alarm system to give you peace of mind and simplify the modern life.

Interactive Security

Get the ultimate in convenience and control in the palm of your hand. Simplify your life, automatically. Take care of everyday tasks such as adjusting the air conditioning, turning on the lights or locking the doors automatically.

Stay aware and always know what’s going on at your property. View live video or saved security recordings on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Always know who is coming and going. Now you can remotely monitor and control the main access points of your property – including door locks and garage doors.

Take control of your energy use to save money without sacrificing comfort. Remotely adjust your thermostat and lights, and use schedules customized to fit your lifestyle.


Camera technology has come a long way in recent years with the introduction of High Definition and Megapixel technology. This produces high resolution images providing crisper detailed images delivered to the customer. 1080P HD 2MP cameras are six times the resolution and quality of old anlogue CCTV cameras, allowing for greater camera coverage for the consumer without compromise of quality.


Access: Improvements of network communications has meant streaming IP Video and accessing cameras from anywhere around the world achievable on a PC tablet or smartphone.

Smarter: Today’s CCTV software is smarter and more intuitive and packed with intellegent features. Video analyitics provide a level of automation to your monitoring and recording , but more importantly, easy to use for the end user. 

Analytics: Intelligent video analytics can provide a level of automation for operators to respond, as well as a reduction in time for end users to review footage.

Some of the video analytics & applications include:

  • COUNTER FLOW                                                                       

Advanced Video Analytics:


Digital Display

We can tailor and customise your information display solution to suit your needs and application. From large scale video walls to information displays or point of sale information.

With network connectivity and software, you can manage your own content from anywhere around the world. Many of today’s display panels even come with embedded PC’s to manage and schedule content.


Today’s commercial digital display panels are designed for 24/7 operation and come with extended warranties. Panels are available in a range of sizes and can be displayed in landscape or portrait orientation, and mounted indoors or outdoors in environmental housings.

We can also provide solutions for integration and distribution of HD video signal’s using old analogue MATV cable infrastructure.

More Services

Security & Technology Services offer a wide and varied range of services and are specialists in making things happen. We have been known to take on the impossible and deliver solutions exceeding our clients expectations. If you have something that is out of the ordinary, have been told that it can’t be done or simply have an idea that seems out there, why not give us a call, you may be pleasantly surprised on what can be achieved with some old fashion ingenuity.  From automation and integration to plain hard work we would love to assist you in realising your requirements.

Call us today to discuss your wish list 1300 729 872

Service and Maintenance

Security & Technology Services provide 24/7 emergency servicing and routine maintenance.   

Our experienced service technicians have a high level of fault finding skills and knowledge to ensure that your equipment failures are identified quickly and returned to order.

We service and maintain a range of technologies including fault finding and repairs of electronic security equipment, CCTV, intruder alarms and detection, access control, interactive security, and digital display systems.


It is essential to maintain any system to ensure that it is in good working order and the possibility of any hidden faults are identified.

Correct maintenance and service of equipment also provides value for money, by extending the operational life of the equipment.

Preventative measures can ensure the continual reliability of any system. Without effective maintenance even the best equipment will deteriorate, and without an effective response even a minor fault could cause a major problem.

It is vitally important that systems are properly maintained once installation has taken place. Regular scheduled maintenance will ensure continuous insurance cover and may also assist in meeting your Health & Safety requirements.

Support Australia Wide

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