STS to install systems for women and children refuge shelter

STS to install state of the art security system for Dawn House, a women's and children's refuge centre. Picture by Helen Orr.

Dawn House, a NT Women’s and Children’s refuge shelter to have security systems installed by STS


“It’s a general security upgrade, part of that is CCTV that will help us to monitor if there is a person on the property or trying to enter with the intent to cause harm,” she said.

“It could be that they (perpetrators) have found their ex partner or simply that they think their ex-partner is here … it will also protect staff coming in and out of the refuge.” said Dawn House acting executive Nicky Fearn.

Member of Solomon, Natasha Griggs’ $55,000 commitment was put forward after numerous incidences of violent ex-partners of women break into the centre. The funding which is committed under the $40 million Safer Communities fund, will see the centre receive a security overhaul which includes CCTV fixed dome cameras and wide screen monitors.

Since July 2015, Dawn House has provided 10,745 total client bed nights and 4161 short-term crisis accommodation bed nights.

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