NT Police City Safe Project

STS Operate over 200 CCTV Security Cameras across Darwin

When NT Police planned a $4 million Closed Circuit Television system to monitor trouble hotspots in Darwin, it needed a self-healing wireless network to manage 100+ cameras covering 6sq km of the city’s streets. Security & Technology Services designed and deployed Australia’s first multicast mesh IP-based wireless network, with the ability to self-heal any points of failure and to survive lightning strikes. Since the Darwin Street Camera wireless network was deployed in December 2009, it has successfully transported hundreds of gigabytes of video data each day without any major disruptions or outages.

Since that original deployment the system has been expanded many times and grown to excess of 300 cameras being monitored, including the remote towns of Alice Springs and Katherine, several popular boat ramps and can also accept images from deployable units that can be placed literally anywhere.

The surveillance system is operated by a dedicated police monitoring team located in a real-time control room at the Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre in Berrimah. As well as video data being recorded at this secure remote data storage facility, surveillance capabilities are available at police stations in Alice Springs, Casuarina, Darwin, Katherine and Palmerston. Cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The surveillance network had assisted police to manage and reduce antisocial behaviour on the streets of Darwin”. “Since the system has been live, we have generated hundreds of additional incidents that we might otherwise have missed.”

“It has helped to solve problems that range from recovering stolen property, dealing with assaults and vandalism to identifying multiple persons on different occasions with concealed weapons, which enabled us to direct police to intercept these persons before incidents occurred.”

“As the video operators become experienced with identifying developing problems, they are able to look for certain things at hotspots for antisocial behaviour and alert police to intervene before a situation becomes bigger.” said Greg Ireland, Managing Director for STS.

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